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Singer, Voice Teacher and Life Coach

Specializing in Personal Empowerment & Well-Being

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It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to articulate what I do.  I’m a singer and voice teacher with several decades of experience with both.  I have Masters Degrees in both Voice Performance and Theater but have always relied on the sound I produce and the results I hear in my students as testimony of my expertise.

My philosophy as a voice teacher is fairly simple…the voice knows how to sing so let’s get out of the way and let it.  I believe in creating a free and easy tone and then translating that feeling throughout the range.  Indeed, most of the problems related to singing are tension related or are based on the misunderstanding and misapplication of vocal concepts.  Learning to sing is about “keeping it simple” and moving in the direction of greatest ease and least resistance, all the while building a solid and reliable vocal technique that is experienced so consistently that it becomes second nature.  Once the worry of “how to sing” is out of the way, the freedom to express emotion and interpret meaning in songs takes you higher and higher.

My goal as a voice teacher is to facilitate your journey to become your own best voice teacher; You are always in control.  After all, it’s your voice, your feelings and your understanding of how it all fits together that will take you where you want to go.

Together we address range, vowels, phrasing, breath, support, intonation, clarity of tone and interpretation of text. I am a strong advocate of affirmation and imagery and utilize it extensively in my teaching and my own singing.

No matter what style or genre of music you enjoy singing there is no substitute for knowing and being able to use every inch of the voice successfully.

My commitment is to do my utmost to create a safe, informative and validating vocal experience each lesson.  It’s a great adventure because with each success you experience comes a more thorough understanding of the process, greater refinement of the results and greater self-confidence.

My invitation to you is to schedule a FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON so you can familiarize yourself with how I teach, experience the freedom in singing and evaluate whether or not you’d like to set up additional lessons.

Whether you are brand new to voice lessons, a life-long singer or looking to advance your singing career I would love the opportunity to facilitate your vision for your voice.

It’s an amazing adventure that’s both fun and freeing!

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