*(edge – noun: edge; plural noun: edges -.a quality or factor that gives superiority over close rivals or competitors.

“that singer has a definite edge over the rest of the competitors”

I have devoted my life to the mastery of singing and to teaching that art.  I love teaching and witnessing the emergence and development of talent.  As an active and sought after Vocal Performance Artist and someone who has made her living as a working professional musician for over 30 years. I know the skills needed to succeed and sustain a professional music career.

I offer a FREE  introductory voice assessment and lesson. In 45 minutes I guarantee you’ll see that I know what I’m talking about and you’ll find a safe and nurturing environment to explore your voice.  I have a reputation for results so you may even experience a breakthrough.

Great Singing is not a Gimmick…

Regardless of what genre of music you’re interested in, the correct training and development of your voice is critical to your professional success and to your voice’s longevity.  Let’s face it, there are so many voices vying for recognition and applause but so very few that are able to ride solely on their vocal talent. Even with singer after singer and song after song the favorites who have great talent are basically counted on one maybe two hands. That’s because five minutes of fame is what most will settle for.

Great Singers Study…

Great singing is the ability to sing great, come rain or come shine. It’s building enough knowhow and confidence to become your own best voice teacher and maintain a beautiful instrument with longevity and agility.  GREAT SINGERS study! In Singing it’s the coordination of a voice with potential, a solid and reliable vocal technique and the focused development of the imagination. These allow the voice to be produced clearly, cleanly, freely and ultimately beautifully. Your voice knows how to sing, so a great deal of the learning is about allowing and supporting the natural to take place freely.

I teach a rock solid, full body presence bel canto vocal technique that supports the voice singing any genre of music, including classical, opera, musical theatre, pop, jazz, blues, ethnic even rock and roll.

The Initial Lesson is FREE…

Whether you’re looking to excel further, take your singing to a new level or to work out vocal difficulties that continue to daunt your success, I invite you to schedule a FREE lesson and allow me to assist you in moving forward toward the voice of your dreams.

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