Singing and the full utilization of the voice has an amazing trans-formative and healing effect on the body, soul and spirit. I create a safe, fun and nurturing environment for people of all ages to explore the exciting world of singing and to tap into their own unique vocal expression. Every human being has this innate process available to them to benefit their overall well-being.  Regardless of your level of innate talent, learning to make a free and uninhibited sound is an important cathartic process in your life jsut as laughing and crying are. Perhaps you have never thought about voice lessons or perhaps you have thought about it but dismissed the idea as not that important or requiring a special gift you perceive you don’t possess. You might be surprised to learn the following:

Singing is an important and liberating health process! The process of singing can help you free yourself from limiting and self-critical thoughts and judgments and literally open your mind to expansive and validating ideas about yourself and your abilities.

  • Studies have shown how singing helps cognitive and emotional development in the brain.
  • It enhances language skills and requires the brain to work at many tasks simultaneously.
  • It increases endorphins which increase good feelings, confidence and positive self-esteem.
  • Singing teaches deep breathing, which brings more oxygen to the brain.
  • Singing encourages the development of the imagination and the utilization of positive imagery.
  • Singing exercises and strengthens the memory.
  • It energizes and encourages positive problem solving.
  • Singing provides a much needed outlet for the frustrations and everyday stresses of life.

Take it from one who has been singing all her life…it just feels great! – It’s like flying!

Music study and singing in particular address every aspect of our human development …and what better instrument to begin with than the one that is already inside you.

Whether you realize it or not, your voice is a powerful healer!

Whether you are dealing with illness, loss, negativity, increased pressures, situational depression, loss of confidence or any of the myriad of changes life presents, singing can help you lighten the load, regain perspective and restore balance.

Singing is an amazing and uplifting experience!

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